Custom planning for your baby's arrival and beyond. Darling & Ninth provides a luxury suite of concierge services for soon-to-be and new parents who want the best for their baby but don’t have the time or expertise to take care of it all. From bump to baby, we will be there!


The research, recommendations and reassurance that you, as a mom-to-be, need to be fully prepared for your baby’s arrival. Learn more ›


Now that your baby is here we know exactly what you need to ensure an effortless, elegant and enjoyable start to motherhood. Learn more ›

our story

Darling & Ninth supports, educates and assists new moms with their own unique nesting needs. Our ethos prioritizes the precious commodity of time and upholds a commitment to offering a fully custom and high-end service. We believe that the best thing for any baby is a happy mother who is balanced, stress-free and able to fully engage with their child to enjoy the experience of building a family to the fullest. We give our clients the gift, to embrace with joy, the complexity of bringing a new life into the world.

our founder

In 2009 Claire Kilgour Hervey found herself overwhelmed trying to balance a successful career as a marketing executive at Nike Canada, an active social life, the demands of pregnancy and the excessive planning necessary to get organized for her baby’s arrival.

Caught up in the minutia of preparing for impending motherhood and striving for perfectionism on all fronts Claire spent countless hours researching the best in chic functional baby gear. It was a labour of love and so when her own circle of friends got pregnant she was eager to share her treasure-trove of knowledge to help them navigate the vast, emotional, wonderful world of parenthood.

Thus, inspired to unite her love of motherhood & passion for helping others with their newborn journeys, Darling & Ninth was conceived.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and two children.

our services

Darling & Ninth specializes in customizing pre and post-natal packages for our clients. With a full range of bespoke maternity and baby services you can call on us at any point from the bump to the first birthday. Below is a sampling of our services but the sky is truly the limit so contact us to set up a complimentary one-on-one consultation and start enjoying the peace of mind that will come with it. Our promise to you is that you’ll feel prepared well before – and long after – your baby’s arrival.

bump stage


Overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of baby products on the market? Have you walked in and then promptly walked out of a baby store? Rest easy. Darling & Ninth can provide expert guidance. Our personal approach will quickly determine the gear and products to best fit your lifestyle and then we will set you up with the best shops in town.

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Of all the decisions you will make in advance of your baby’s arrival, picking the stroller that best suits your needs is perhaps the most difficult. There are so many choices, so many features and so many unknown factors; how do you make the right choice? Darling & Ninth will work with you one-on-one to find the perfect set of wheels. Get started now ›


Your belly is growing but your wardrobe is shrinking. We can help you to feel fabulous and fashionable for the next ninth months…and well beyond. We can hook you up with the best shops in town and even provide at home shopping for busy moms-to-be who want to look chic. Get started now ›


A trusted source (and no, your mother-in-law doesn’t count) for getting you prepped for the arrival of your precious bundle. This essential maternity plan will provide you with a customized list of everything you’ll need including a tailored timeline, what to buy (and perhaps more importantly, what not to buy!), where to shop, and dozens of additional tips. Get started now ›


When that nesting instinct is kicking in (and the baby is kicking too) it’s high time to get the nursery ready for the arrival of your little one. Choosing the right furniture is a fundamental factor in creating a calming, peaceful environment for you and your baby to bond and grow. Get started now ›


Ok, you’ve got the basics covered but now it’s time to add a little finesse and style to your nursery look. Whether it’s picking the colour scheme, deciding on a theme, accessorizing or just putting on the finishing touches, Darling & Ninth can complete the chic nursery of your dreams. Get started now ›


Your hospital bag may be packed, but we bet your hubby’s isn’t and let’s not even get started on the other tasks on your to-do list. Yes, there is a lot to do before baby’s arrival so let us take the stress, pressure and confusion out of what needs to be done to ensure a smooth start. Get started now ›


It takes a village they say… and “they” are right. But it also takes a stringent vetting process to find the right professionals to guide you through the next nine months and beyond. Whether it’s pre-natal care, a night nurse or a nanny agency, Darling & Ninth can hook you up with the best of the best. Get started now ›


Just because it’s the natural way doesn’t mean it is always easy. Get a head start on successful breastfeeding by being prepared from the very first feed. From nursing chairs to doulas and everything in between, mommy & baby never felt so bonded. Get started now ›


Going au natural? How do you navigate the perils of formaldehyde-filled plywoods in baby furniture, VOC-heavy finishes, PBDEs, PVCs, BPAs and a list of other nasty acronyms? Darling & Ninth can help you choose safe & non-toxic furniture, clothing, soaps, toys, cleaners and much more. Get started now ›


Feeling a little overwhelmed, curious or completely in the dark? It’s natural, but it’s also time to start educating yourself on the journey ahead. We will assess your needs and provide you with a custom list of the best books and online resources for getting up to speed on your belly and what’s beyond. Get started now ›


From finding the perfect baby book to record all the major milestones to booking a professional photographer to snap your beautiful belly or tender newborn we know how important it is to make your memories last. Let Darling & Ninth connect you with the best people, products and photographers for preserving these precious moments. Get started now ›

baby stage


Sleep deprivation has long been considered a hallmark of bringing home a newborn, but the good news is, there are many tools and tactics for steering your baby toward a good night’s sleep. Let Darling & Ninth help to deliver sweet dreams for you and your baby. Get started now ›


Every new mom could use some helping hands once in awhile. Whether it’s healthy meals delivered to your door, expert child care or finding a local playgroup for some social interaction, Darling & Ninth believes there is no reason why any mother needs to feel isolated or overwhelmed during this joyous time. Get started now ›


One thing is certain; you’re going to want to take baby out and about to show off your bundle of joy. Whether it’s simply a stroll to your local Starbucks or a trip to a beach in the Caribbean it’s important to be properly equipped whenever you leave the house. Let us be your travel guide. Get started now ›


Party planning can be a huge undertaking. Period. If you’ve got a family to plan for or a baby to care for we know you don’t have time to sweat the details. Leave your event in the best hands possible. Darling & Ninth knows how to fete a mom-to-be, celebrate a baby’s first birthday or simply find the right gift for any occasion in a child’s life. Get started now ›


There’s more to parenting than just feedings and diaper changes! Your baby needs stimulation and will love participating in new activities. Let Darling & Ninth guide you on the very best toys & local programs for your baby’s first year. It’s hard to tell who will be having more fun: mommy or baby? Get started now ›


Your baby is happy, healthy and being handled with care but meanwhile you’re feeling like a shell of your former self. Truly the best thing for any baby is a happy mommy, which is why it’s time to focus on yourself (at least for a few hours, anyway). Whether it’s a fitness and nutrition regime or at home beauty treatments we can help you feel like, well, you again. Get started now ›


Let the love of learning thrive through reading! Whether it’s educating yourself on pregnancy and baby care or crafting a selection of children’s classics to share with your child, books are an integral part of any new parents’ life. Darling & Ninth can curate the ultimate list of titles to help expectant and new parents stock their bookshelf. Get started now ›


Is your baby ready for life beyond the bottle or breast? Darling & Ninth can make navigating this exciting and somewhat daunting milestone much easier by providing you with the essential guide to when, what, and how to start solid foods – personalized for you and your little one. Bon appétit! Get started now ›


The Internet offers a plethora of resources for new moms but who has time to sort through all the junk to find the gems? We do. Darling & Ninth can help you navigate today’s high tech world by providing a personalized guide completely tailored to your needs and skill level so you can spend less time searching and more time getting things done. Get started now ›

our process

how it works

When it comes to having a baby one size most definitely doesn’t fit all. Which is why we work closely with you to address your unique nesting needs and create a totally customized support package. The first step is to contact us for a complimentary consultation. After we have reviewed your requirements we provide a custom proposal for our services. Within a few days of your initial inquiry you’ll be wondering why you didn’t call us sooner.

we show you the love

Working with Darling & Ninth to plan for your baby’s arrival will ensure you experience an elite level of service and preferred treatment as you plan for your baby’s arrival. Private shopping access, priority appointments, custom products, one-on-one support, preferred pricing and exclusive entrée to the very best this city has to offer is what Darling & Ninth clients can expect to enjoy while expecting.

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